Logos Technologies dedicated team behind ALPHADAS are Experts in Early Phase EDC and provide an unrivalled level of service, experience and expertise to its clients.

Early Phase EDC is what we do,
it is the mainstay of our business.

ALPHADAS has been at the forefront of early phase clinical trials for over a decade. It was first used to collect clinical data in 2000. Our staff have real clinical experience spanning decades and we currently have clients across 15 timezones. Out of the box, in live production ALPHADAS has market leading functionality driven by clinical needs.

We understand that early phase trials are event based, not ‘form’ based. Time point critical procedures are referenced to the dose (which may be administered late) coupled with a time intensity that is simply not present at other stages of clinical development.

The data is different as well – cohorts, not individual subjects and the boundaries for safety and tolerability being tested.
Not to forget the multiplier effect – multiple procedures, multiple subjects managed by multiple staff, multiple studies run simultaneously, multiple sponsors, multiple blood samples in short succession from multiple subjects, multiple cohorts, multiple treatment periods, and multiple data from multiple sources taken from the same subject at the same time. Is it is no wonder that it has been referred to as organised chaos!

So in amongst this, what value does an eCRF add to the producers of the data? The clinic staff who are in amongst the bodily fluids of an early phase trial? For that matter, what value does an eCRF add to the data managers, with it’s multiple data queries after the study subject has already gone home? At Logos, we say remove those errors at source, direct from instrumentation and devices with a user interface that drives protocol compliance.

And why can’t the data be viewed immediately? Well at Logos Technologies we say you can – the data is there after all. We say why not use technology that helps the whole clinical trial process, not just conforms to the current sponsor’s data standards – which invariably are driven by the late phase business needs.
We recognise in a clinical unit there are multiple solutions for various needs across devices, other vendors such as central labs, different sponsor’s requirements & data management platforms, social media…the list goes on. With ALPHADAS Integrate™ these are all brought together, streamlining processes and enhancing control.

Contact us today to discuss our market proven solutions to reduce timelines, costs & errors, enhance data quality and sponsor service. Or speak to any number of our clients and ask about us. We do what we say we do.

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