Patient Diary & Language Interface

The utility of ALPHADAS extends beyond the clinical unit and the English language, with the ALPHADAS data collection tool, QDAQ having direct patient entry screens and through being available in any language.

Patient Diary (ePRO)

Such is the utility & versatility of the ALPHADAS data capture tool that as well as eSource bedside data capture it also serves as a patient diary
to collect
• Questionnaires
• Scales
• VAS Scales
• Reminders & prompts for events
All data is available, where connectivity permits, in real time

Language Interface

ALPHADAS is also equipped with a a language interface which means it can be viewed in any language, whether latin or character based.

It is this functionality that has enabled Logos Technologies to partner
with a Chinese distributor for the Chinese Market.

• Patient data available in real time
• Patient compliance management
• 'Mother Tongue' input screen
• Available across multiple devices- laptop, tablet, smart phone...
• Global applicability beyond
• English speaking boundaries